BA in Business Administration

Study in Israel

College of Law and Business

  • Studies start Fall 2017
  • All classes are taught in English 
  • 3 year program for a BA in Business Administration focusing on Globalization and international law
  • Internships available 
  • Study tours of China & Europe available
  • Dual Degree in Law available


  • Affordable tuition of $30,000 for entire degree
  • $250 application fee
  • China Study Tour priced separately
  • Limited scholarships available
  • Comprehensive student support offered: Accommodation, health insurance,  and  24/7 personal assistance


B.A. in Business Administration


The College of Law and Business is devoted to teaching their students the study of law as it relates to the business world. Taught in English over 3 years, the BA in Business Administration gives students the tools to understand the different aspects of business with a unique view of Business Law and Global Management. In this unique program, students can start an internship or are encouraged to work during their studies in order to develop real-world application and gain the most knowledge and experience possible to better prepare themselves for a successful future in this competitive field.


Globalization and Commerical Law

 In the three years of study, students will cover the wide range of topics that make up the business world.

  • Introduction to Mathematics, Economics and Statistics

  • Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Organizational, Sociology, Operations, Management and Quantitative Methods, Executive Information Systems

  • Quality Management, Business Ethics and Business Management Research Methods

  • Case study examinations, emphasizing the relationship between the worlds of business and law

  • Annual Business Management seminars

The focus of law within business provides students with an efficient and sensible toolkit to be a successful business person.

Business Law & Global Management: Become a Law-Savvy Business Leader

Students focus on two main topics throughout their degree: 

1) Business and Commerical Law

2) Global Management

  BA in Israel

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