Summer Sababa for Teens – Get the Most Out of a Summer in Israel

Study in Israel

“Sababa” is Israeli slang, that can be loosely translated as “Great”, or maybe “Sounds like fun” or, better yet, both! In the context of the Summer Sababa Camp, it not only means that participants will have a great time, but it describes the positive, fun-loving mindset of everyone involved in the camp, foremost of which is Shlomo (Momo) Lifshitz, the visionary behind the camp.

In Summer Sababa, Momo’s latest endeavor, leaning on his 30 years of experience in bringing young adults and teens on educational tours to Israel, he has formed a framework for teens to really get to know Israel, to build character and to have a blast.  

What exactly makes Summer Sababa so special?

There are so many factors that put Summer Sababa ahead of other summer activity options, in Israel or abroad, that we can’t list them all, so here are a few of the central ones:

The Basics

  •  It’s in Israel and in English!
  • The camp is a full 31 days long!
  • Teens converge in Israel from all over the world.
  • An affordable $5,400 all inclusive price tag.
  • Male and female counselors guide participants throughout, live with them on site and are available 24/7.
  • Perhaps most importantly - the meticulously constructed format of the camp, which is the topic of the following sections.

1st Half:  Israel Up-Close - 15 Days, Roaming Camp

  • The camp “camps out” in different locations every night, touring nearby sites and attractions during the day.
  • Campers stay at a variety of accommodations, from hotels in the cities to camping outside, and Shabbat stayovers with host families
  • Participants get to see a very large portion of the country, its holy and popular sites, its people and the communities they live in, providing them with a well-rounded view of Israel’s history and achievements.

2nd Half: Learn and Help Others – Stationary

  • Stay at the beautiful and tranquil Shomrat Kibbutz near Acre (Akko).
  • Participants take part in community service or “Tikkun Olam” projects, such as assisting the elderly or people with special needs, giving them the opportunity to get to know the Israeli people up close and Israel from a whole other perspective, while doing something meaningful that will nourish their souls.
  • Summer Sababa also provides the teens with personal improvement and confidence building activities in the form of Krav-Maga self-defense training and studying Hebrew in the best place to try out their new language skills.
  • Of course, the camp also offers all of the facilities for having summer fun, such as a swimming pool, games and more.

So, whether you are parents, or a teen, forget traditional summer plans, and get ready for an unbeatable Israel encounter.

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